WE EFFECT Funded Project

Enhancing Gender Equality in Member-based Organizations through Policy Advocacy


The project will be implemented for five years


The project is being implemented in Mukono, Bundibugyo and Kasese.


To contribute to equitable access to land and other productive resources by women, men and young people in both housing and rural development sectors in Uganda by 2022


To enhance capacities of We Effect partners (Rwenzori Coffee Cooperative in Kasese, Semiliki Cooperative in Bundibugyo district, Mukono Multipurpose Youth Organization, Uganda Central Co-operative Financial Services Limited and Shelter and Settlement Alternative) in Uganda to deliver gender responsive services and products to their members (women, men and young people).


  • Women and young people in member based organizations are aware and have capacity to amplify their voices pertaining land, agribusiness and housing rights.
  • Women and young people in member organizations are active in leadership and can access quality services from duty bearers by 2022.
  • Membership among partner organizations is comprised of more women.
  • Duty bearers (private and public) more responsive to gender equality, women and young people’s rights to adequate housing, land and other productive resources.


  • Inception meetings with 5 partner organizations.
  • Conduct organizational capacity assessment of 5 partner organizations.
  • Facilitate 5 Partner organizations to develop Gender policies and their action plans.
  • Facilitate annual board, staff and membership reflection meetings for 5 partner organizations on gender mainstreaming.
  • Train partner organization to develop gender responsive Housing and sustainable rural development IEC materials.
  • Strengthen women and youth savings groups to demand for their rights to land, agribusiness and adequate housing.
  • Conduct a Gender Audit of the products and services accessed by women and young people within the adequate housing and sustainable rural development partners.
  • Organize a one day joint meeting to share findings of the gender audit.
  • Train partner member organizations in PM & E model for advocacy.
  • Establish a Think Tank to discuss gender responsive Adequate Housing at national level.
  • Gender Analysis of the Housing and Micro finance policies.
  • Support partner organizations to organize 8 strategic engagements at local level with stakeholders in the housing, land and micro finance sectors.
  • Support partner organizations to organize 8 Strategic meetings at National level with stakeholders in the housing, land and micro finance sectors.
  • Conduct phased trainings for partner members on women’s land and housing rights, gender equality, gender mainstreaming, HIV and AIDS mainstreaming and VAW/G.
  • Support training and mentoring of Male gender equality champions to support gender equality work in We Effect partner organizations.
  • Commemorate the 16 days of activism to End VAW/G through awareness activities on women’s social rights at district and national level.
  • Organize quarterly radio talk shows to create awareness on women’s rights to land, agribusiness and adequate housing.
  • Document voices of women and youth pertaining increased access to land, agribusiness and adequate housing.


  • 60 Board representatives of 5 member based partner organizations.
  • 240 Staff and active members of partner organizations

To empower women and influence legislation and policy for gender equality in Uganda.

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