Transformative Socio-cultural practices

There is a growing role of cultural and religious leaders in promoting gender equality. E.g. women’s role in faith based organizations and ministers in cultural institutions. In addition these institutions have traditionally taken a lead role in setting GBV cases although in an ad hoc manner. Therefore ACFODE will tap into this growing good will to equip leaders with more knowledge and skills in promoting gender equality. ACFODE will equip them with counselling and referral skills. Overtime feedback from ACFODE members has shown that parents are grappling with challenges of parenting children of various ages. They lack the knowledge on how to best handle different behaviors at different stages of growth of the children. ACFODE will utilize experience of its members to design practical programme that can educate parents on parenting and offer a platform for peer learning and counselling.

To empower women and influence legislation and policy for gender equality in Uganda.

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