ACFODE conducts by law development workshop for selected leaders & technical staff in Kisoro district


Commenced on 11th to 19th June 2018, the bylaw development workshop took place at sub county level in four sub counties of operation in Kisoro district. These were; Nyakabande (11th to 12th), Busanza (13th to 14th), Kirundo (15th to 16th) and Nyarusiza from 18th to 19th. The workshop lasted for two days per Sub County and was attended by LCIII councilors, religious leaders, cultural leaders, police officers and the sub county technical staff.

The objectives of this intervention included; building capacity of relevant stakeholders in lawful by-law development, equipping social actors and sub-county leadership with the knowledge and skills for effective implementation of by-laws including gender-sensitive budgeting, monitoring and moving motions and bills in addition to generating commitment and develop action plans.

A participant from Busanza Sub County makes a presentation on Gender and Gender Concepts

The workshop was facilitated by the former clerk to council Kisoro district local government and currently the sub county chief Nyarusiza sub county Mr. Twebaze Geoffrey in collaboration with the project team members from the headquarter that included Ms. Agnes Badaru the program officer Governance and Economic Policy Department, Ms. Faith Nakanwagi the program assistant Governance and Economic Policy Department, Mr. Mugabe Allan the field officer and Ms. Jackline Nyirasenga the field counselor. It was largely participatory and involved use of interactive approaches on bylaw development and implementation such as; brainstorming, group discussions and experience sharing by the sub county councilors and leadership.

Participants were trained on key concept like what a bylaw is, a bill and how these relate with governance and governance structures. They were also reminded of the roles and responsibilities of the sub-county councilors, helped to understand the process of developing bylaws, how bylaws are implemented, fundraising and budgeting avenues for the bylaws. They were further taught what gender sensitive-budgeting is, how to monitor bylaws and responsibilities in addition to sharing knowledge on moving motions and bills in the council.

By the end of the two days’ workshop, participants were knowledgeable and skilled enough to develop and pass by-laws and in this regard made commitments to implement some of the existing bills to make them bylaws. It was agreed that all the four sub counties make a bylaw on alcoholism within a period of three months.

Participants engage in group work during the training

In the same tune, on 20th June 2018, the ACFODE team held a district reflection meeting that was at Muhabura view guest house to; update the District leadership about the progress of the project entitled: “Promoting Positive Socio-Cultural Practices in Rural Communities”, to share by-law development and implementation best practices and gaps picked from the four Sub-counties, generate commitment and support from the district for the effective implementation of by-laws in the Sub-counties in addition to strengthening the network between District and Sub County stakeholders. This engagement was successful and the Kisoro District council pledged to revise the 2005 education ordinance in addition to passing an ordinance on alcoholism.

“I thank ACFODE for the knowledge gained during the two days training. I am going to organize for a youth executive committee meeting in my parish to share with my fellow youth leaders the procedures of making bylaws for their associations and the need to get involved in income generating activities rather than spending a lot of time in bars and gambling” noted Mr. Ndagijimana George a sub county youth councilor from Busanza sub county.

“We have been doing things in darkness but ACFODE has brought light to us and this training is an eye opener to both the sub county councilors and the technical staff. On behalf of the political wing of Nyakabande Sub County, I pledge to ensure that the existing bills are made bylaws within a period of three months. Thank you ACFODE” noted Mr. Ntawera Funi Evary, the LCIII chairperson Nyakabande -Sub County.

Allan Mugabe

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