My Internship experience at ACFODE

I got to know about ACFODE when I googled about feminist NGO's in Uganda. I applied and luck was on my side, I was given a placement. Despite the fact that I had started internship elsewhere, I changed and took up the placement at ACFODE with a lot of optimism. The internship started on 5th June and ended on 30th July, a period of 2months.

The highly anticipated day of internship came. I headed to Bukoto for ACFODE and arrived at 8:48am. Unsure of whom to report to, I nervously entered the cold building that morning and deafening silence hang upon the place. All I could hear was the ticking of the clock. I reintroduced myself as an intern to the administrator at the reception upon which she led me to the boardroom where the other interns were. We sat next to each other but in silence since we were total strangers to each other. Time went by, we had orientation with the ED and learnt quite a lot about ACFODE, we also got to know the different offices.

The 2 months of my internship taught me more than I had hoped for. I was able to gain new skills and knowledge that I didn't have before. Above all, I was able to overcome my social interaction fears since I was to be with new team mates for a duration of 2 months. Fortunately, the ACFODE staff was welcoming, approachable and accommodative. Special thanks to my supervisor Ms. Rukundo Rebecca, the Coordinator Economic Empowerment program for her patience and continuous mentoring. Through this, I was able to overcome my social interaction fears.

Additionally, my participation in ACFODE activities say gender equality image interpretation, ACFODE Octagon assessment, organizing field materials, attending workshops and participating in an interview with one of the scholars from the University of Minnesota. My memorable experience was the interview with the scholars; they asked us about the ACFODE program of the Youth and equally introduced to us the model couple approach. She equally asked for our opinion of how we think the youth and children can be involved. Interestingly, I could barely understand what they were saying and had to ask my other interns to translate for me. The English was just too complicated and accent different to mine probably because of mother tongue influence. Nonetheless, the interview was successful.

Furthermore, I was privileged to work with women that work tirelessly towards women/ feminist issues; the ACFODE staff. Through them, I've learnt that I ought to be committed to the common cause say advocating for women rights and being a voice for the voiceless women. I also learnt that feminism isn't just a word game or a threat to the boy child since ACFODE also engages men to impact change in their other men and end GBV.

Special thanks to ACFODE for the mouthwatering and sumptuous meals provided, breakfast and lunch. 1:00pm was the time interns always looked up to. Whilst those that didn't choose ACFODE for internship weren't being given lunch, us at ACFODE had delicious meals served on time. Special thanks to Aunty Robinah and Aunty Annette. Everyone deserves to taste your food before life pays them a debt.

In conclusion, I had a remarkable experience at ACFODE and would advise anyone else out there to look no further than ACFODE because they'll never remain the same. ACFODE is second is none. And to all the ladies out there that are afraid to speak up and not be stepped on, may my experience provide an insight to you that the struggle is real and the future has to be feminist.

Konga Lynda

August, 08 2019
To empower women and influence legislation and policy for gender equality in Uganda.

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