My Internship Experience at Acfode

I did my internship at Action for Development (ACFODE) under the department of Human Rights and Governance from 5th June 2019 to 30th July 2019. ACFODE is a non-governmental Women's organization founded on November 19th 1985. The organization aims at creating a just society where gender equality is a reality and it seeks to empower women and influence legislation and policy for gender equality in Uganda.

While at ACFODE, I was given several tasks and took part in different activities. Some of them were assignments about Gender Based Violence (GBV), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Gender policies. These assignments broadened my knowledge about gender in the country and also the strategies the country has put in place to attain the 17 SDGs by 2030.

ACFODE availed an opportunity for me to be involved in a field activity in Omoro district. There were two meetings in Omoro district, one with the community members of Koro subcounty and another with the district officials at the Omoro district local Council headquarters. I got a real experiential interaction with community members and Omoro district officials and stakeholders. The issues discussed were GBV related including implementation of GBV laws and policies and also identify the gaps in the work of stakeholders. I learnt how to properly handle and communicate to community members.

I had an overall positive experience at ACFODE through the learning opportunity I was given. I was able to learn how to act professionally through my supervisors. I got a perfect opportunity for improving my computer skills. There was a mellow environment which was key in aiding sufficient completion of tasks especially assignments.

ACFODE gave me adequate insight into the work environment. My desire to work in organizations has been strong grounded due to the great experience at ACFODE. I expected to learn a lot and I was not disappointed. I am very thankful for the constructive criticism I got from staff members especially my supervisor. The guidance I was given will positively aid all my interactions in my professional journey.

Great thanks to ACFODE for the internship opportunity and also to my fellow interns for the academic help rendered especially in my assignments. 


August, 08 2019
To empower women and influence legislation and policy for gender equality in Uganda.

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